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Gettysburg Review
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“Deviled Eggs”

by Jill Noel Kandel

Since the autopsy showed no wound present—this was not always the case; previously in similar murders there had been wounds—the death was reportedly caused by the bewitched smoke emitted from the gun. The evidence, deemed credible by the Kalabo District Court, created no real commotion, and the judge accepted it into court documentation.

“Black People Can’t Swim”

by Douglas Goetsch

When I told Patricia how much I loved the pool at the Y,
she said, “Oh, black people can’t swim,”
which made me grateful to be let in on this, . . .

“Happy Hour”

by Bob Hicok

A rabbi, priest, and belly dancer walk into a bar.
Everyone turns their way, recognizing a joke
when they’re in one. . . .

“Particulate Matter”

by Rebecca Lehmann

Beware the dingle, its leftward leaning light.
Do I feel like a fever?
The bruises on my legs, desire them.
To be scapular is to reach out.

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