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Day of All Saints by Patricia Grace King

In Day of all Saints, Martín Silva de Choc, childhood survivor of an army massacre during the Guatemalan civil war, and now a language school teacher in Guatemala City, falls in love with his American student . . .

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Review of Issue 30:2

Perspective and connection play thematic roles throughout the pieces in this summer issue of The Gettysburg Review

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Keith Lesmeister's Debut Collection

"In his first collection of short fiction, Keith Lesmeister plows out a distinctive vision of the contemporary Midwest.

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Richard Tillinghast’s Newest Work

Renowned poet Richard Tillinghast’s wanderlust and restless spirit are nearly as well known as his verses. This book of essays captures that penchant to wander, yet Journeys into the Mind of the World is not merely a compilation of travel stories—it is a book of places.

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Don Lago Publishes New Collection

Don Lago's newest collection Where the Sky Touched the Earth: The Cosmological Landscapes of the Southwest is now available from University of Nevada Press.

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