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17 February 2017

Welcome to the Gettysburg Review Online.

The Spring 2017 edition is out and, if you don’t already subscribe, available for purchase right here in our online Shop in both print and digital formats (PDF, Kindle, E-Pub), so no excuses.

The Spring issue features paintings by Kevin Sloan, fiction by Kerry Neville, Cam Terwilliger, Julia Drake, and Sean Bernard, essays by Rebecca McClanahan, Edward McPherson, Kate Mele, and Matthew Ferrence, and poetry by Bob Hicok, Bruce Cohen, Colin Cheney, William Trowbridge, Rick Bursky, Peter Grandbois, John Canaday, and many more.



Pushcart Prize XLII Nominees

Join us in congratulating this year’s Pushcart nominees:

"Deer Season," by Liza Cochran (Summer 2016)
"How to Shoot at Someone Who Outdrew You," by David Meischen (Autumn 2016)
"The Black Winter of New England," by Lydia Conklin (Autumn 2016)
"No One Here Will Save You," by Julian Zabalbeascoa (Winter 2016)
"Making History," by Susanna Brougham (Autumn 2016)
"My Hamartia" by Carol Ann Davis (Winter 2016)
"Locking Up at Night," by Kathryn Starbuck (Winter 2016)
"For Miriam, Who Hears Voices," by Linda Pastan (Spring 2016)
"Doors," by Lance Larsen (Spring 2016)
"June in Eden," by Rosalie Moffett (Autumn 2016)
"The Barons," by Emily Nemens (Autumn 2016)
"The Future of Loneliness," by Brian Barker (Winter 2016)
"The Engagement Ring" and "Once Upon a Time," by Alice Friman (Autumn 2016)
"Madwoman Apocrypha," by Shara McCallum (Summer 2016)
"Termites," by Sarah Blackman (Winter 2016)
"Give the Lady What She Wants," by Leslie Pietrzyk (Summer 2016)
"Learning About Now," by Kent Nelson (Winter 2016)
"Neck of the Woods," "From Whatever House Had Been My Sister's," "The Baby," "Funny, Ha-Ha?" and "Yes and No," by Nance Van Winckel   (Autumn 2016)
"Projectile Point on Timber Ridge," by R.T. Smith (Autumn 2016)
"Where the Killdeer Lies," by Alice Stinetorf (Autumn 2016)
"You Are Here," by Victoria Lancelotta (Summer 2016)
"Pumpkin Rabbit," by John Bensko (Winter 2016)
"The Strange Case of Arthur Silz," by Peter Selgin (Winter 2016)

The Best American Poetry: Michelle Boisseau’s “Ugglig,” which first appeared in our Summer 2015 issue, has been selected by Edward Hirsch for inclusion in the 2016 edition of this esteemed anthology.

Digital Edition: In case you didn’t get the memo, the Gettysburg Review is now available digitally in three formats: ePDF, which replicates the print version, ePub, and Mobipocket. The latter two are “reflowable” formats for use on e-readers and Kindle devices. You can purchase single copies and digital subscriptions at our Online Shop, but you can also find digital copies at 0s&1s. Please, check it out and spread the word. And to those of you who are print loyal, don’t worry: we will continue to be primarily a print publication.

That’s it for now. We always like to hear from our readers, so please let us know what you think of the latest issue. If you are a user of social media, say hello and like us on Facebook. As always, thanks for your support, and keep reading.

Don Lago's newest collection Where the Sky Touched the Earth: The Cosmological Landscapes of the Southwest is now available from University of Nevada Press.

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Among the Gorgons

Contributor Michelle Boisseau’s newest collection Among the Gorgons is the recipient of the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry. Judges praised her work for its “graceful and unexpected leaps from personal to mythic, tender to satiric, and tragic to comic.

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Of This New World

It is our pleasure to report that another Gettysburg Review contributor has won accolades for her debut collection: Allegra Hyde has received the University of Iowa Press’s John Simmons Short Fiction Award for her collection Of This New World, which will be released this coming October.

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November Storm

Gettysburg Review author Robert Oldshue has won the 2016 Iowa Short Fiction Award for November Storm. Bennett Sims, judge for the award, celebrates Oldshue as a writer of “stories that are as rich and self-complicating as novels.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Road Trip

Our congratulations to Gettysburg Review author Lynette D’Amico, whose novella Road Trip was published recently by Twelve Winters Press. Lynette’s story “Ashes, Ashes” appears in our Spring 2013 issue.

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