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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“War and the Constitution: Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt*”

by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Charles Laughton, playing an English butler won in a poker game by an American rancher, electrifies his new employers—and movie audiences of the 1930s sitting in darkened theaters—by remembering the Gettysburg Address when his new boss had forgotten it and delivering it as if each stunning phrase had come fresh from his mind.

“The Resurrection of the Dead: Port Glasgow, 1950”

by David Wojahn

They don’t all wake at once. This couple: the wife’s
  kiss startling her husband to life, her shroud
    a kind of negligee she fidgets with,

suddenly shy, while her man dusts off his bowler hat
  and taps his pocket watch alive again.

“Last Night with Rafaella”

by David St. John

I sat at one of the outside tables
At Rosati watching the ragazzi on Vespas
Scream through the Piazza del Popolo

And talked again about changing my life, . . .

“Capricious Gardens”

by Jeff Eugenides

The back door of a large house opens and a man steps out. His name is Sean. He is forty–three years old. He moves away from the house, then glances behind him as two other figures materialize, Amy and Maria, American girls. There is a pause before the next person appears, a gap in the procession, but at last Malcolm arrives. He steps onto the grass tentatively, as if afraid he will sink.
    But already they can all see what has happened.

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