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Gettysburg Review
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“Just Another Friday”

by Eric Trethewey

I was fourteen that winter. We lived in an old, drafty farmhouse with no furnace and no running water. The place was comfortable enough in the summer but miserable when the weather turned cold and snow began to fall.

“Contact Points”

by Gerry LaFemina

I understand little of even simple physics,
e.g., how batteries hold a charge or why
friction causes static electricity, though I do know
Ben Franklin studied the little blue sparks
caused by rubbing a stockinged foot, . . .


by Brent Pallas

Let us say breakfast, every claret is past, the bloom
    of rectory parties, the beckoning glow
        of the Red Lion a fading glimmer

in the twilight, the untranslatable purr of this Miss
    or that—everything whittled to a glance.

Nastogio degli Onesti

by Aaron Bannister

There is a lesson among the colors,
among the shades and slipknot morality
beneath the trees, which are not orange trees,
between the disturbed tables as the knight’s hounds

bite the woman’s ass, . . .

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