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Gettysburg Review
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“No Tangos Tonight”

by Stephen Dobyns

Heart meets Death in a fashionable singles bar
and they dance. Why so standoffish? asks Death.
Why must you squeeze me so tight? asks Heart.
They take a few turns about the floor. You keep
trying to lead, says Death. You step on my feet,
says Heart.


by Conor O'Callaghan

I am a strange alarm clock,
the recently boiled kettle,
a cup no one else uses
upside-down by the sink, . . .

“The Bread Factory”

by Ray A. Young Bear

Above, over the green rounded hill,
my catatonic uncle strikes the partially
embedded walnuts with his hooked cane.

“What Kind of King”

by Barrie Jean Borich

We are standing in J.C. Penney’s men’s department when I realize what sort of king I have married. She is holding up ties, one with fluorescent triangles and intersecting lines, a pop art geometry assignment, the other a delicate Victorian print with inlaid roses that shimmer under the too–white department store lights.

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