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Gettysburg Review
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“Flight Patterns”

by Melissa Ivy Weissberg

Lisa sits forward on the red naugahyde bench in the Hunan Wok Around the Clock, trying to pay attention to what Ethan is saying. It’s nearly impossible to concentrate, with the huge lighted fish tank behind him. In the dark restaurant, the tank seems the only source of light—an eerie, softly bubbling sun. Within, half a dozen tiny goldfish swim together in one little band while a foot-long silver dragon shops for his dinner.

“Songs to Undo the Spring”

by Judith Kitchen

George and I are lying. Our mother has come back from shopping and we tell her, with deep conviction, that we have each practiced half an hour on the piano. We need to do this in order to have time to do the things we think we need to do. Otherwise, we are in a cage called Sonatina. We lie only when it is necessary: just exactly where we were when we were where we were not supposed to be, that sort of lie. We hardly think of them as lies since they save us from the greater lie.

“Watering Impatients”

by Michael Heffernan

Looking up as if to ask heaven for signs,
I noticed a blue as clean as a baby’s sigh,
which I had known to expect, but even then
I only said I knew the things I saw,
and what I saw was empty of any signs,
as usual, which was itself a sign.


by Beth K. Roberts

All the brittle sun slamming through the auto
mobile’s invented and inflicted holes and rolled
down windows makes the eyes bug out like a
goofy joe, a personoid gagging on a quick

passage— . . .

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