Summer 2018

The new issue of the Gettysburg Review is available for sale.
Paintings by William Fisk

Spring 2018 edition

Summer 2018

Volume 31, Number 2

The Summer 2018 edition is out and, if you don’t already subscribe, available for purchase right here in our online shop in both print and digital formats, so no excuses.

The Summer issue features oil paintings by William Fisk, fiction by Ben Hoffman, Cassandra Powers, J. M. Holmes, and Claire Davis, essays by David Meischen, Jonathan Starke, Anne Kenner, and Maggie Cheatham, and poetry by Eleanor Stanford, Vi Khi Nao, Jill Osier, Jeffrey Harrison, Mary B. Moore, Chris Forhan, Daneen Wardrop, Saha Mariel Prevost, Margaret Ray, Albert Goldbarth, Jennifer Franklin, Matt Morton, Brian Swann, Alexandra Teague, Maya Phillips, Elvira Basevich, Graham Barnhart, Hugh Martin, Chard deNiord, Katherine Riegel, and Bruce Bond.

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Gettysburg Review Interview Series

Eight questions answered by Leslie Pietrzyk.

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Leslie Pietrzyk


Edward McPherson reading from The History of the Future: American Essays
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