Volume 35, Number 1

The final issue of the Gettysburg Review is available for preorder.
Paintings by Michael Alvarez

Volume 35, Number 1

The final edition of the Gettysburg Review is in progress and, if you don’t already subscribe, available for preorder only, right here in our online shop. Due to Gettysburg College's decision to close the Gettysburg Review, you must preorder by November 30th. We will not be able to fulfill orders outside of this time frame.

35:1 features paintings by Michael Alvarez, fiction by Dariel Suarez, Leyna Krow, Leslie Pietrzyk, and others; essays by Marilyn Abildskov, Maura Lammers, Christina Pugh, and others; poetry by Natania Rosenfeld, Angie Estes, Virginia Konchan, Samyak Shertok, and others.

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Dear Contributors, Subscribers, and Supporters of Literature,

After thirty-five years of editorial and publishing excellence, the president of Gettysburg College has decided to end the Gettysburg Review. Lauren and I are understandably devastated. We have been offered a rationale for this decision, but it’s frankly one that neither Lauren nor I understand or accept. It was made clear to us that they know little about who we are, what we do, and what our value is, and could be, to the Gettysburg College campus. We encourage you to reach out to the college’s president, Bob Iuliano, and provost, Jamila Bookwalla. Tell them what you think of this decision and the merits of publishing great literature. Also let them know if you worked on a lit mag as a undergraduate or graduate student and what it contributed to your education, writing, and/or career. 

riuliano@gettysburg.edu          jbookwal@gettysburg.edu

(717) 337 - 6010                      (717) 337 - 6820

***We're getting some reports that emails are getting blocked. You can also try: officeoftheprovost@gettysburg.edu

We will be publishing one more issue, then doors will officially be closed. Subscribers will receive pro-rated refunds for whatever remains of their subscriptions. For those authors who still have unread material in our Submittable queue, we will request that the college refund the $3.00 submission fee, but honoring that will be up to them, since we will no longer be employed here. Unfortunately, I do not at this time have a clear sense on when those refunds will be issued, but certainly not until after the new year. As for us, heartbroken as we are, we would love to hear about what the Gettysburg Review has meant to you. Please send condolences, anecdotes, and other stray and helpful thoughts to Lauren and me, and if we can, we will share them on our site and social media channels.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Drew, Editor

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Lydia Conklin reading at Gettysburg College

Lydia Conklin reading at Gettysburg College. 

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