Volume 33, Number 1

The new issue of the Gettysburg Review is available to order.
Paintings by Tollef Runquist

Picture of Gettysburg Review Volume 33, Issue 1 Cover

Volume 33, Number 1

The first edition of Volume 33 is out and, if you don’t already subscribe, available to order right here in our online shop.

33:1 features paintings by Tollef Runquist, fiction by Julialicia Case, Martha Shaffer, Kirsten Vail Aguilar, and Andrea Marcusa; essays by Elizabeth Kaye Cook, Kathy Flann, Don Lago, Christine Schott, Rebecca McClanahan, and Melissa Haley; poetry by Christopher (c3) Crew, Peter Grandbois, Despy Boutris, Douglas Smith & George Looney, John Hazard, Brian Swann, Maura Stanton, Cindy King, John Brehm, Michael Waters, Richard Lyons, Steve Kistulentz, Shane Seely, Charles Rafferty, Chanda Feldman, Christopher Buckley, Ed Skoog, Brendan Galvin, Matthew Minicucci, Allison Hutchcraft, Fleda Brown, Gary Fincke, and Samyak Shertok.

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Gettysburg Review Interview Series

Eight questions answered by Leslie Pietrzyk.

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Leslie Pietrzyk


Rebecca McClanahan reading virtually. 

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