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Gettysburg Review
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Winter 1998 Edition Selections

“A Cape Cod Fox”

by Brendan Galvin

. . . when I was a beatnik, junior grade,

I thought how the little fox
was growing tame, abroad
by day because a woman we know
leaves cold cuts out for it.


by Eamon Grennan

You navigate as you can each day’s agitation,
a body between seasons, not knowing where you end
and the disturbed world begins to stream away
in things, the way–random and mechanical—

“Near Easton”

by Gerald Stern

January 2 there was a body moving north
near the entrance to the Delaware Canal Museum

and though it was swimming I couldn’t tell if it was
a carp or a rat, . . .

“Mr. Moth and Mr. Davenport”

by Peter Baida

Jefferson House is a twelve–story, middle–income, red–brick apartment building in a town named Flynn City, fifteen miles west of Detroit. The neighborhood is pleasant, with broad streets and plenty of shade. You rarely hear screeching brakes or raised voices. No one litters. No one feels menaced. People are unhurried and polite.

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