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Summer 2012 Edition Selections

“Shooting the Moon”

by Charles Antin

Almost a hundred years after the demise of the Jönköping, I sit on the paint-peeling porch of the Montclair Assisted Living Estate, in the decrepit plastic hammock of my wheelchair, and look out, through the topiaried hedges, past the dogwood trees, across the upper-middleclass wasteland of Upper Montclair, to the northeast, toward Sweden, and slowly and methodically eviscerate Jean in two-person hearts . . .


by Douglas Goetsch

Who are all these people . . .
ducking into boutiques, bouncing out
of cafés, younger, taller than ever—
Generation Dude? Generation
type w/my thumbs? . . .

“What Our Mothers Know as Love”

by Sarah Kain Gutowski

The sow watches the farmer apply grease to her son,
a young boar with a wound long and thin where he rubbed himself
clean of bristles and skin. This itch belongs to more than just disease
and parasites. She recognizes the anxiety foaming on his chin . . .

“The How Come of My Father’s Gold Tooth with Music by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys”

by John Bargowski

I hope he was dishing out more than he got
 when some jealous hog-sticker

busted his smile-maker in that packed beer joint
 across from a slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Detroit. . . .

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