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Summer 1992 Edition Selections

“Remembering Power Hitters”

by Paul Zimmer

Donkey, Fat Pat, Round Ron, Swish,
Big Jawn, Pig, Klu, Moose, Tons,
Big guys who torched
The air with their swings, . . .

“Trivia Tea: Baseball as Balm”

by Floyd Skloot

The primary use I make of baseball these days is as a form of alternative medicine: its history and statistics are taken in like herbal remedies, its lore meditated on as a form of relaxation therapy, its long televised games approached as part of a natural healing process. Like a lot of natural healing, Harry Caray’s voice and patter can be extremely difficult to take, but I am convinced they do me good.

“Chin Music”

by Alan Soldofsky

The high hard one—up
and inside. The brush-back pitch
from which the batter reels out of the box.

Newcombe threw one, and Drysdale,
and Bob Gibson, who hurled smoke . . .

“The Man Who Saved Ted Williams from Death”

by Geoff Schmidt

Unless I talk in my sleep, what little sleep I get these days—and my wife Rachel has given no indication of such a fact—only three people in the world knew of this, and the other two are dead. But it is a true thing I’m telling, and it was a very near brouhaha Mr. Williams had with Death, and I know it all for a fact because I’m the one that was there to stop it.

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