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Spring 1989 Edition Selections

“The Autobiography of Gertrude Stein”

by Bruce Fleming

Gertrude Stein was born in 1874 in Allegheny Pennsylvania. Alice B. Toklas has told about this in her Autobiography. Gertrude Stein always liked having been born in Allegheny Pennsylvania because she said it gave Frenchmen trouble in spelling it. Allegheny Pennsylvania is in this way not very different from Salawingo Maryland which is where Robert Johnson was born in 1905 and though neither Alice B. Toklas nor Gertrude Stein talks about this there is no reason why they should.

“Praise for Death”

by Donald Hall

Let us praise death that turns pink cheeks to ashes,
that reduces father from son and daughter, that sets tears
in the widow’s tall eye. Let us praise death that gathers
us loose-limbed and weeping by the grave’s edge in the flat
yard near the sea that continues.

“Black Car”

by Patricia Zontelli

Something long and dark glides
at the edge of my life

not something I see but feel . . .

“Austerity in Vermont”

by T. R. Hummer

Astral blue of old mountains, ridge after rising ridge
Blurring the western horizon just after the sun goes down,
And there, up five degrees, the cold yellow evening star
My almanac says will be Saturn this month, the bastard god nobody
Wants for a father . . .

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