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Gettysburg Review
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“After Jack & Laura’s Wedding”

by Mike Coughlin

You’re standing in the garage. It’s dark.
But you don’t turn on the lights. Instead,
you dig around for one of those beers you keep
hidden behind the milk crates. One of those beers
you keep stored at garage temperature.

“The Waning”

by Jean Nordhaus

However blue the night,
however clear the silhouette,
it always saddens me,
that falling off. I am the child
who wept when her meat was cut,
when the alphabet was broken.

“‘Another Good Kid Shot Dead in Detroit’”

by Christine Rhein

Will his sister become the doctor now?

The weight of his mother’s dreams,
the hip brand of cap and jacket.
Will his sister become the doctor now?


by Alexandria Peary

Two Buddhist monks walk into a bar, order drinks, and
Oh, you’ve heard that one before
Quotation marks around a cloud,
green striations variegated with rust,
and a moldy taste as the cloud bank is excavated,
sliced, and served, . . .

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