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Gettysburg Review
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Enough with the Angels

by Paula McLain

Ditto the sublime with bird-swamped dawn
And a plate of Bosc pears. The peacock can stay,
But why not a little less dazzle in the redemption scene?
A little more rent? Something with ass-kicking consequences?

“Promeneur Solitaire”

by William Hathaway

After a steady day of it, rain
turned to wet, fat flakes after sun fall,
and now with every step down the dark road
before sunrise, my shoes scrunch
grim comments in the canyon
of firs.

“Tag Sale”

by Howard Luxenberg

“Bright and early, boychick.” The implication is that he will get up before me for the joint tag sale we’ve planned for tomorrow. He is Hyman. A guy in his late fifties, maybe early sixties. Not quite old enough to be my father, though he likes to act the part. My neighbor, Hyman Slotnick. A piece of work.

“Halloween at the Center of Time and Space”

by Tom Elliot

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England, calls itself “The Centre of Time and Space,” and perhaps it is. At least no outraged counterclaims appear to have been lodged—by Alpha Centauri, say, or the Magellanic Clouds—and even if they had, Greenwich has a strong case on grounds of appropriateness: the center of time and space is an arbitrary concept, and Greenwich, its manifold other charms aside, is a shrine to the arbitrary.

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