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Gettysburg Review
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“Refusing to Name the Animals”

by David Weiss

The significance of a name, I have come to think, may lie in what it fails to name. Its inexpressiveness may be its most expressive quality. Mostly, we tend to feel the opposite; this afternoon a friend said to me, “You know, the trouble with Russell Baker’s columns is that he writes like a Russell.”


by John Meredith Hill

Repeatedly my right elbow slips off
this sweat-slickened red vinyl arm of my
landlord’s chair as overhead another

palm frond, burned-out, drops onto the roof tiles
and skitters eavesward. . . .

“All the Pathos, All the Triumph”

by Jane Somerville

There’s as much going on right here in this backyard
as in a city, a continent, I tell them,
spreading out my arms, opening my fingers
to take it all in. They don’t pay any attention.
They’re used to my extravagance and think I’m a fake.

“Ravens at Deer Creek”

by Robert Wrigley

Something’s dead in that stand of fir
one ridge over. Ravens circle and swoop
above the trees, while others
swirl up from below, like paper scraps
blackened in a fire. . . .

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