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“Bad Birds”

by John Nelson

Some superstitions have persisted into modern times. There are still Amazonian farmers who think that nightjars are messengers of malign spirits, while in my birding travels in Asia and Africa, I have been taken aback by the number of locals passionate in their fear and hatred of owls. To call a belief, or feeling, a superstition is not to say it has no ground in reality.

“It’s Springtime, Elise, and You’re Missing All of It”

by Rebecca Hazelton

Boxing ring girls, sans spangles,
        they leg in heels from corner to corner,
the culmination of suffragettes
        and Betty Friedan, . . .

“Civil Twilight”

by Timothy Hedges

He was standing in the aisle practicing Willie Horton’s batting stance, working on his glare out to the imaginary mound . . . . He was picturing the ball floating toward the plate, the invisible pitcher—Catfish Hunter, maybe—holding his breath. Then the bus jerked to a stop, the floor rolled beneath his feet, and Augie spilled forward onto his face.

“Every Couple before Us”

by Bethany Schultz Hurst

This is a love story: It turned out
the tattooed man and the bearded woman

were just mannequins doctored with Sharpie
and fake hair. What did I expect? . . .

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