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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“Dancing with Elinor”

by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I also liked this girl at my left. We stood nearly shoulder to shoulder. Taking the image in. Together. The way strangers can be together. Only at a time like this, though. After a minute she lifted her cell phone and made her first call. To the person who would meet her. If and when we ever reached our destination. Her significant other.

“Skinny-Dipping with Pat Nixon”

by David Kirby

               “That blonde kissed me,” says Barbara, and I say, “The minx!”
but don’t add that she kissed me, too, then said she and her friend
                             are going to pull their clothes off and jump
in the pool, and do I want to join them, and I say yeah, kind of,
               only Barbara’s in the next room, just-kissed herself, or about to be,

“Of Love and Life Insurance: An Argument”

by John Brehm

“I need to accept you as you are,” she said,
“so you need to become the kind
of person I can accept.” I was
becoming bewildered, but I don’t
think that’s what she meant.

“The Streetcars of Zagreb”

by Cheryl Dietrich

    A man lay dazed and bleeding in the icy street. A silent crowd had gathered around him. In dress and demeanor, but most of all in their stern silence, they appeared to be local citizens, Croatians. As I watched, a group of my coworkers, military members from several nations, spilled out of our building and through the security gate onto the street. They took over, performing first aid and directing traffic. The onlookers dispersed.

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