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The Matter of Translation: Wislawa Szymborska’s ‘Conversation with a Rock

by Kim Adrian

When I was a child, I had a beautiful book that fit perfectly in my hands. Its covers were squarish and addictively smooth, its binding a wide ribbon of coarse blue fabric, its pages thick and waxy. In simplified prose this book told child- length versions of various biblical tales.

“Loafing with Friends at Ojo Caliente”

by Robert Bly

Why should we worry if Anna Karenina ends badly?
The world is reborn each time a mouse
Puts her foot down on the dusty barn floor.


by Natalie Wexler

How did I come to be here? Maybe it was that stylish blonde doctor, a dermatologist. My appointment was for nothing more than a once–over to check for skin cancer—I swear!—but somehow the subject came up. Well, okay, maybe I brought it up. She had sent all her patients a newsletter that touted, among other cosmetic procedures, something she called “lunch hour liposuction.” Just an hour or two in her office, the newsletter said, and out walks a new you.

“Days of 1987”

by Christopher Bakken

The exceptional thing about us
was not that we survived
on speed and weed alone,
burning textbooks to keep warm
when our slumlord crashed the furnace.

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