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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


by Susan Wood

She was ready to burst
        into blossom that spring day
                we picked her up after school

and she couldn’t wait to tell
        what she’d learned. . . .

“Errata Mystagogia”

by Bruce Beasley

There, in the misprints and vacant
pages, garbled
syntax of the proofreaders’ spoils,

even the word disfiguring disfigured,
in the trail of twelve misspellings, . . .

“The Robbers of Karnataka”

by James Spencer

The pilgrims are waiting for lunch in the dining room of the Ashreya Hotel in Bangalore, South India. Their leader, Pearl, sits at one end of the banquet table with eleven pilgrims on one side and thirteen on the other. Bannister has counted. Bannister will count the number of cars parked in a block, the number of windows in a hotel, the number of chapatis on a plate. Greta has offered to let him count the hairs on her head.

“One on One”

by James McKean

If I had thought about it beforehand, a fifteen–foot radius means a thirty-foot flash, but the tube and its sizzle had already plopped into the gravel. Then exploded. Filled every sense, ears boxed and ringing, breath blown out, a slap in the face, my eyes pitted with orange and red, two bright circles I saw everywhere I looked. The echo of bludgeoned air rolled down the campus hill into Pullman. No toy did that to your heart.

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