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“Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow”

by Gregory Fraser

While you listed out my faults, I
listened in such complete agreement
that my mind felt free to wander—

“Ice House”

by Kate Blakinger

I catch my husband using one of my eyeliners to color in the spot where part of his eyebrow is missing, a scar from the accident three months ago. Mark snatches his hand away from his face. “Don’t you knock!” he says, his words clipped and his voice dipping low. I would have knocked, if the door hadn’t been open a crack.


by Norma Marder

I have lost my place, transplanted from a tiny island to the mainland, from a village where my roots lie forty years deep to a village of friendly strangers, from the open sea to a river, from wild forests and surf to a nature preserve of mowed meadows and manicured trails. From a place where nature rules to a place where the human hand lies on everything.

“The Drag Queen Dies in New Castle”

by Bruce Snider

Returning home
    at twenty-nine, you made
a bed your throne, your
    brothers carrying you
from room to room, . . .

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