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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“Suddenly Adult”

by Andrew Hudgins

When I was young, God,
young too, angered
smartly at my disregard
and could not be guyed
to ungrave chuckles.

“The Luxury of a Few Caved-In Moments”

by Philip Schultz

None of your characters
was especially well-educated,
brave, hopeful, or beautiful
enough to feel loved by fate.

“Black Pearl”

by Rita Dove

Pathological hit of the day: nigger on a golden chain.
Metaphorically, that is. The African
valet, the maidservant black
as aces in a hole, . . .

“The Sleepers”

by John Gamel

My most prestigious sleeper was Michael Burns, a ten-year-old whose father had served as the mayor of San Jose and the head of the county school board. The trouble began when a pediatrician treated Michael with aspirin for what seemed a typical case of influenza. Within hours, he developed intractable vomiting and was admitted to a private hospital for intravenous rehydration.

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