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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


by Jeffrey Scheuer

On this particular morning my own head felt like the center of the Union line at Gettysburg. I had experienced periodic cluster headaches for about twenty–five years—my entire adult life—but this was the first time I had ever gone to a hospital because of one. Two weeks into a cluster, and after three days of almost continuous pain, I had awoken with this particular headache at 4:30 a.m., called my doctor’s answering service, but received no reply from the physician on call. It was time to try something new.

“The Poison That Purifies You”

by Elizabeth Kadetsky

“For cousin sir. Little girl like little doll sir.” The man tails Jack for several yards, until the duo is intercepted by a young couple from, probably, France. The woman has a maternal way about her that the vendor seems to sense as well. “Madam pretty doll for pretty daughter.” She pauses long enough to gaze at the puppet. Her first misstep, Jack chuckles to himself as he separates from the vendor. It will take her hours to shake him.

“The Emperor”

by Michael Heffernan

Everyone’s gone to Paris. I’m staying here.
I have to watch the daffodils on the lawn
trying to keep their faces from the snow
and wishing they could get up and go away.

“Nearly Wild”

by John Bargowski

Let’s take the sharp knife,
stand together at the sink,

and cut each stem under
warm running water . . .

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