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Gettysburg Review
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“Starlings in Flight”

by Ron De Maris

Sometimes I think those prophets
who can tell the future
in a pile of entrails
are right.

“In Case Someone Comes Looking for Me”

by Becky Hagenston

While her husband is off somewhere getting them new identities, Liz smokes on the back porch and tries to feel lucky. She’d asked him to change her name to Daphne—Daphne sounds like a woman who could live in a place as hot and humid and slow as this, where the plant life is thick and dripping, a place that’s nothing at all like Tucson. But she isn’t thinking about Tucson or about The Frenchman, who isn’t even French for God sakes! Who’s as American as she and Teddy are. She frowns and exhales into a shrub that looks like it wants to eat her.

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