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Gettysburg Review
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“Enki and Inanna, after the Underworld”

by Seth Abramson

                                    He carried her most of the way home,
over the scarp of a cliff and into the air’s elastic embrace,
which knew him a god and so
            sent him aloft without a whimper from gravity—

“Q and A”

by Linda Pastan

I thought I couldn’t be surprised:
“Do you write on a computer?” someone
asks, and “Who are your favorite poets?”
and “How much do you revise?”

“Starlings in Flight”

by Ron De Maris

Sometimes I think those prophets
who can tell the future
in a pile of entrails
are right.

“Spinal Beauty”

by John Gamel

What a difference a day makes. On Sunday, March 31, I was useless. Supernumerary. Tits on a boar hog. Which is to say, a medical student. The next day Santa Clara Valley Medical Center issued me three starched white jackets with Dr. Gamel stenciled in blue ink over the heart. Immediately beneath, in the more durable medium of embroidery: Intern. The pockets held my stethoscope, reflex hammer, tuning fork, and visual acuity card—gifts Eli Lilly hoped would encourage me to prescribe their excellent medications. Now I could sign my own orders.

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