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Gettysburg Review
Gettysburg College | 300 N. Washington Street | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“Cary Grant”

by James Harms

The last time I saw Cary Grant, he was tearing apart bread
at the marina, a cloud of gulls around him. He let me
try on his glasses, those heavy black specs he wore
toward the end, and I bought a pair just like them,
though I didn’t look like Cary Grant, so I went back to not trying.

“I Caught Myself Thinking the Horizon”

by Stephen Dunn

I caught myself thinking the horizon
is nothing more than a flat screen of sky,
as if I were looking for a reason to stay
in my house, to dare not, seek not, don’t.

“A Bridge Not for Sale”

by S. Gruen

I recently downloaded and installed on my computer a piece of free software called the Literary Machine. I was drawn by the name. It suggested to me that writing might have suddenly become as easy as downloading MP3 files. Perhaps some genius programmer had found an algorithm that factored in the mental anguish of what to say and how to say it.

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