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“Working With Savages: The Confessions of a Film Biz Lackey”

by Dustin Beall Smith

Naturally the queen of the tribe sees great significance in this. The Mud People abandon their sacrifice and follow the mysteriously rolling object—a croquet ball as it turns out— through the woods, until it leads them to a well–manicured clearing in which sits a huge colonial mansion. The tribe cautiously enters the mansion, led by its youngest member, a girl. You can see the wonder in the girl’s eyes as she takes in the wide central staircase and the huge chandelier, and you can imagine her thinking, Wow! This is a happening place!

“Budget Travel through the Universe”

by Albert Goldbarth

We can rig a supernova in a single laptop jiffy.
Ditto werewolf transformation: every feral hair
is given its credible gumption and its little jacket of oil.
As for aliens summoned from out of the holes
in space itself . . . we’re crackerjack on aliens; . . .

“How the People Live”

by James Tate

Every five minutes or so, a police car drove by telling
us not to go out through its bullhorn. I said to Amelia,
“I’m dying to know what’s out there.” She said, “That’s why
they’re doing this, don’t you think?”

“Among the Tootalonians”

by Edward Falco

Val’s marriage was dead, his career was stalled, and his hair looked like shit. As if that weren’t enough, the outer world, the other world, the world of cities beyond the city where he lived, of children who were still children, unlike his own who had grown and left him years ago, that other surrounding world that came to him daily through television and computer images, in newsprint and slick magazine type and broadcast voices, that other world was descending once again into chaos and madness, . . .

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