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Gettysburg Review
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“The Calvinist”

by Conrad Hilberry

I like to think words go
their own way—like waterspout
or sleep or Aztec soup

“They Double Up around the Absence of Campfires”

by Nancy Vieira Couto

and they double
up for warmth but also for distraction,
silliness, the small jealousies surfacing,
the women with their perms, perfumes, and clip-
on earrings acting coy . . .

“Man in Gorilla Suit by Moonlight”

by Geoff Schmidt

Their father in his gorilla suit crouches in the middle of the corn rows, a hundred yards from her sister Tasha and the Parrish boy. Her father’s fur gleams in the moonlight. He cocks his head, listening. His dark eyes roll up toward the sky, but he does not seem to see Janet up in the tree. He sways to his feet. He moves uncertainly toward the sound of their coupling. The corn obscures his vision. They roll like seals in the crushed tomatoes.

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