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“The Donald Barthelme Blues”

by Charles Baxter

The same day that a friend called with the news that Donald Barthelme had died, a freight train derailed outside Freeland, Michigan. Among the cars that went off the tracks were several chemical tankers, some of which spilled and caught fire. Dow Chemical was (and still is) reluctant to name these chemicals, but one of them was identified as chlorosilene.

“Son, When I Hold You Tightly”

by Ralph Burns

I remember tones and half-notes

in the backyard. I sweat through daylight
to see the woman at the window, . . .


by Daniel Meltzer

What did he think of my idea, I wanted to know.
    He’d be talking with his people, he said. He wanted to run it by his people. He would want to run some numbers.
    I could touch base in a week or so, or one of my people.

“One Sunday We Evaluate Our Marriage”

by Denise Thomas

The daffodils rose two inches
overnight; the table is buried
beneath gardening books
and catalogues. He is outside
drinking beer and wishing: ferns

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