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Allegra Hyde Receives the 2016 John Simmons Short Fiction Award

Of This New World
Of This New World

It is our pleasure to report that another Gettysburg Review contributor has won accolades for her debut collection of short stories: Allegra Hyde has received the University of Iowa Press’s John Simmons Short Fiction Award—named after the first director of the press—for her collection Of This New World, which will be released this coming October. Bennett Sims, judge for this year’s award, calls Of This New World “an ambitious and memorable debut,” a sentiment echoed by Melissa Pritchard, who says that Allegra’s book “brilliantly orbit[s] our longing for paradise, our ache for some elusive perfection within the human community.” Go here for more information about Allegra and here and to preorder.

Of This New World contains “The Future Consequences of Present Actions,” which first appeared in our Winter 2015 issue.

Congrats, Allegra!