UNEARTH by Chad Davidson

UNEARTH by Chad Davidson

Frequent contributor Chad Davidson’s latest collection, Unearth, is now available from Southern Illinois University Press. One of the poems from the collection, “Disaster Scenes in Language Books,” appeared in the Autumn 2016 issue.

The poems in Unearth reveal insight after insight as Davidson reflects on his mother’s death, the value of family, and what we have to learn from outer space. He oscillates between micro and macro contemplation easily, reminding his readers of the beauty and heartbreak of the 21st century.

According to Jeffery Thomson, “Davidson’s fourth book unearths the exquisite spoils of greed and the splendor of heresy . . . he is a modern Odysseus, a man of twists and turns. He voyages the oceans of loss and language and returns home to find us here, unfinished and broken. He brings us the spoils and the salvage—beautiful rage and elegant despair—because, as he tells us, ‘Disasters also tell us stories.’”

Chad Davidson has written three previous books of poetry, as well as two poetry textbooks. He currently teaches at the University of West Georgia.


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