Carrying Water to the Field by Joyce Sutphen

Carrying Water to the Field by Joyce Sutphen

Previous contributor Joyce Sutphen’s newest collection, Carrying Water to the Field, was published this October through the University of Nebraska Press’s Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry Series. 

Carrying Water to the Field evokes life on a small farm, coming of age in the late 1960s, as well as the familiar, and yet deeply personal, search for balance in the modern world. Vijay Seshadri endorses the collection, writing that “…Carrying Water to the Field is faultless: the language is limpid and accurate, the choreography is unerring, the forms are balanced and satisfying. And even more satisfying is the fact that this brilliant technique justifies and is justified by the truth value of these poems, which usher us into the reality of time, change, loss, and memory’s belated and beautiful insights.”

Joyce Sutphen’s poems have appeared most recently in the Summer 2008 issue and are forthcoming in the Autumn 2019 issue.

Joyce Sutphen grew up on a farm in Stearns County, Minnesota. She is a professor emeritus of English at Gustavus Adolphus College and is Minnesota’s poet laureate. She is the author of seven poetry collections, including Straight Out of ViewComing Back to the Body, and Naming the Stars, and is a coeditor of To Sing Along the Way: Minnesota Women Poets from Pre-Territorial Days to the Present

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