Maurya Simon's, The Wilderness: New & Selected Poems 1980-2016 is now available from Red Hen Press. Maurya Simon has appeared in the pages of the Gettysburg Review time and time again. In fact, she appeared in the first issue, and recently in the Winter 2017 issue. Her talent is not up for debate, and we are excited to announce this collection which spans her career, and offers new material.

Richard Tillinghast, another contributor, says of the collection, “The Wilderness, a compendious gathering of new and selected poems, makes clear what readers of hers over the years have increasingly come to feelthat Maurya Simon’s is one of the strongest, most humane, imaginative, compassionate, and flat-out brilliant voices of her generation. The sensual immediacy of her vision, her explorations of non-western traditions, and the ease with which she moves between present-day America and other cultural milieus and historical periodsall of this is dazzling. I don’t think she is capable of writing a bad line. Readers of poetry who may have been unfamiliar with Simon’s work up till now should sit up and take notice.”

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